André's Lightroom Preset Collection I

André's Lightroom Preset Collection I

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André's Lightroom Preset Collection I

1 Aruba I

2 Dubai

3 Faroe Islands I

4 Lake Tahoe

5 Los Angeles

6 Maldives Blue

7 Maldives Turquoise

8 New York I

9 São Paulo

10 Saudi Arabia I

11 Seychelles I

12 Thailand I

How to install your presets:

1 Once you have made your purchase, you will receive a zip file via email. Download it to your desktop first (not on phone).

2 Transfer the photos to your phone. (you can airdrop them, open them in google drive etc…)

3 On your Lightroom CC mobile app open the first photo, click on the (...) on the upper right hand corner and select CREATE PRESET. Write the name of the preset ex: DUBAI and under collection , create new "André's Presets". Do the same for every photo.

4 All your presets will be saved under PRESETS on the main menu bar, now you can import your photos or if you already have them just apply the presets!

*Remember these presets were made for use with RAW files and will need minor adjustments as every photo is taken in a different light, time of day, camera and lens. You can still use them on photos you've taken with your phone (.jpeg) but they may need more tweaking!

Enjoy and remember to add #andrespresets to your photos so I can see the results!

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