Magg O brasileiro que vive a fotografar-se e a filmar hotéis de luxo para o Instagram: André De Mello tem uma conta de Instagram onde só partilha imagens de sítios absolutamente extraordinários.

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André De Mello was born in Brazil and spent most of his life in New York City where he graduated with a B.A. in Film Studies. He has produced and directed several tv series including Hotéis Incríveis ("Amazing Hotels") for South America's largest cable network: Globosat. He has filmed in more than 20 countries and has featured over 100 of the most spectacular hotels
in the world in his tv series.
As a content creator and influencer, André is an official correspondent for one of the top travel Instagram accounts @theglobewanderer (+2.3M) and a contributor to @luxintravels (+750k) and @revistaqualviagem (+100k) one of Brazil's top travel magazines.
André's photos and videos have been reposted by every major travel Instagram account and he has been featured on Daily Mail, The Sun,
The Luxury Editor and on Brazil's top rated morning show "Mais Você" on Globo network.